The First Big Event - "A Night in Mexico"

Since 1998, I have been helping my family, relatives, friends and community in organizing events. But the very first event that I consider big was Rotar
y Club Forbes Makati City Induction of officers in 2002.

I just submitted a proposal to the organization when
I heard that they will be having the Annual induction. I first researched on a nice theme and what I got was, "A Night in Mexico". Thalia was very famous at that time and I was sure that the idea was good.
So, I went to the Mexican Embassy to get infos
from dances, music and costumes.
After my research. I then submitted my proposal. I heard that they were dealing with some other groups before I presented my ideas, but right after the first meeting.
The incoming Club President and wife, Atty, Rodolfo and Mrs Robles got so interested that they made me attend their weekend meeting and outing in their private resort in Calamba, Laguna. After realizing that the project will be awarded to me. I then started gathering friends and people who can help me plan and execute my ideas.
The event was held July of 2002 at Manila Polo Club, Forbes Park, Makati City, Philippines.

That was the start of a beautiful journey though I had a very bad start cause my trusted friend who was also my event partner ran away with the money we earned from the event. I end up getting the "CHARGE IT TO EXPERIENCE"
thing. But it never stopped me from continuing the passion of planning and managing an event.

History of the Event Prince

The root...

Since I was a kid, I love being a performer. In particular, I was involved more in dancing. My very first adventure came in when I was in kinder. During the recognition day, I guess, I was just one of the "no other choice" participants. So, that started my love for the stage.

In school, I would love to participate in those extra-curricular activities especially involving the Performing Arts. I was a member of the Dance Club during high school and til I reached college, I became a part of the Dance Theater Group and been pushing myself to volunteer whenever a dancer is needed.

I have danced in a corporate event, a medical mission fun night, a college department dance competition, and in all those places that it's possible for me to perform.

In my community, I have been active in non-civic and religious organizations. I either was a performer, a host or one of the organizers. Those Summer fun like Santacruzan, Fiesta Activities, Beauty Pageants, Christmas Cheers, Community services and so many other things that made me a better person...

From high school to college years, I always made sure that my summer vacation will not be wasted by just staying at home. So, since I grew up in the province, right after the last day of school, I always spent time in Manila. I enjoyed the opportunities of attending workshops and visiting disco/party houses.

I enrolled at SHAPE Makati and took up Beginner - Jazz Dancing Workshop. I also attended Ballet and Intermediate Level Jazz Dancing Trainings at Gold Star Talent and Development Training Center.

I also had the privilege to attend short courses at Cora Doloroso Career Center from Speak Easy Course, Savvy Skills for Men, Fashion Entrepreneurship - Designing and Merchandizing and Star Courses.

I also attended short personality development courses at John Robert Powers (Makati).

In 1998 I started taking up workshops at CCAI (Center for Communication Arts Inc) of ABS-CBN Talent Center. I started with Acting for TV, then took up TV Production, Scriptwriting, Musical Theater and Hosting Workshop with Boy Abunda.

I joined a small theater group as stage actor (VMI) and was able to perform in few venues mostly in schools and at Cuneta Astrodome. I also appeared on several tv sitcoms with bit roles. My last tv appearance was in 2004.

I guess these are the few things that influenced me to try working in events.